File upload pt.5 – Sharepoint

Sharepoint is a web collaborative platform that was launched in 2001 by Microsoft.

In its current form Sharepoint is a part of the Microsoft Office suite and is used as a document management and storage system. While its main usage is as a storage system SharePoint has a variety of features such as collaborative software that allows for project scheduling, social collaboration, and shared mailboxes. Sharepoint originated from two different products that Microsoft was developing called Office Server and Tahoe which were basic network administration apps and Tahoe being a basic email and calendaring system. Starting in 2001 Microsoft combined the two programs to create what is now known as Sharepoint and continued to develop more features as the years have gone on. Many of these features have made it easier to collaborate with the program allowing for things like being able to schedule meetings and have that show up on other coworker’s schedules. On the horizon Microsoft is planning to integrate better cloud functionality and add additional storage and backup options into the program. Some criticism of the application is that it is encompassed in the Microsoft office suite which is not free to users so there is a large barrier to entry for users who want to use the program more casually.

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